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One World Animal Show

Date: Sept 17 - Sept 21, 2014
Location: Southern Pine Pavilion

One World is a unique animal show where conservation and environmental awareness take center stage. It is a proven scientific fact that our planet’s rainforests are home to over 2/3 of all species, and yet they are being destroyed at a rate of over one acre every second of the day.   We live in a world where a new species becomes endangered every day. With these events, conservation of our natural resources is an ever-pressing issue. Some of the most rare and endangered species on our planet are featured in this show. You will have the opportunity to experience animals rarely seen in captivity, including an Asian Fishing Cat and a Tamandua Anteater. As three magnificent Bengal tigers, including a Royal White Bengal Tiger, make their appearances and demonstrate their natural grace and beauty, guests are reminded about their endangered status. The mere presence of these magnificent creatures will most certainly inspire the crowd.